«Spiritual development — through education!»

It is a motto of spiritual fraternity,

families of gymnasium Kyiv-Mohyla Collegium.

Education — it one of main sources of Spirituality of man. This cognition of the surrounding world and society with his moral principles, histories and traditions of the Motherland, her culture and language. Education is a result of continuous process of educating, in future — self-education, and search. On the initial stage of «accumulation» of knowledge is this becoming of Spirituality.

A process of educating is the heaviest type of activity for a man. Although knowledge, and afterwards abilities to use these knowledge, — undoubtedly, bring enormous pleasure to the man. Exactly «happiness» of Master falls out teachers to «teach to study» the students, to pawn bases of Spirituality.

Spirituality — one of above all concepts for everybody, for society, and all humanity. What anymore awareness of people, than higher their moral principles and tolerance, instilled by education, education and culture, the higher spirituality of people, their solidarity, and prosperity of society which they live in. In such society there is not a place of malice, envy, hatred of each other. Self-respect and patriotism gives birth. And vice versa, than below spirituality of people which present society, it is moreover pierced by intolerance, lack of ability and unwillingness to understand each other, disrespect and scornful attitude toward human personality.

Let us understand with a concept «Spirituality».

All clearly, that Man, and all humanity on the whole, on the modern stage of the development not ready to give exact answers for many questions of Nature. That is why, when we talk it is «given by Nature», we will assume that some time, later We will understand with IT. And with the word «spirituality», used in our lexicon, it is possible to understand and now. Self word «Spirituality» obviously difficult and contains such root as «Spirit» and «Soul».

Soul, as well as body of man, to him by Nature. In fact in the living wild I am as the «animated», so «not animated» «objects». To «animated» take people, animals, on occasion Microorganisms, while the vegetable world (living from the point of view of biology) — no. Even in grammar are two different words used: «who»? and «that»? In general, all, that is it done by a man, — named artificially created, and answers a question «that»? A higher creature in the wild is Man. He is not only animated but also intellectual. Soul — consciousness (feeling) of own «I am» Man determines in the surrounding world. His own opinion, mood, all spectrum of feelings, from experiencing fortunately. The soul is not material, and is not concrete anatomic part of body of man. In some religions of the world, in particular in modern Christianity, the soul is determined as immortal non-material basis of Man, distinguishing him (Man) the same from the whole world of animals. Common state of man, certain his feelings and feeling, described so: «peace» of mind, the «soul sings», «gladness on the soul», «alarm on the soul», «all soul is full by you», to «inlay the soul», it is «done with the soul», «empty soul», «soul of company» and others like that.

Spirit. A spirit of Man is this realized (intelligent) state of his Soul. A spirit determines the psychological state of man in concrete vital circumstances. That is we about it talk: «competitive spirit», «Cossack spirit», «Olympic spirit», «spirit of work». Interesting, in my opinion, utterance: to «Fix Spirit». Really, in a «healthy body is a healthy spirit». However to fix a spirit — being of strong motivations means, first of all,, arguments for the absolutely particular acts of man. To carry conviction in the rightness of the acts, — and there is «strength of mind». An only reasonable faith can support and keep strength of Mind.

Public spirit. Patriot — it a man which lives on territory of concrete country shows a faith in the people, respect to his historical traditions, language, culture, love to the Motherland, realizes the involvement to life of the country and ready to protect her honor and dignity, interests and independence. Thus, this determination in any way does not contact with nationality. Although native nation, is nation, which historically lives on this territory and determines and gives the name to Country as State. The state is this territorial, administrative and political «device» of Country in a concrete historical period, accepted and approved, as a rule, by all his population. So, for example, a country is Germany, and state is Federal Republic and others like that. Does the State can to become Motherland? For those, who solidarity with the political system, probably, yes. Patriot — always protects Motherland! Soldier is the State!

In historical sense Motherland is this Spiritual heritage of all people which lived on territory of concrete country. Realization of this spiritual heritage and causes for a man sense of patriotism to the Motherland. The same motivation determines sense of patriotism and to other «local» associations of people. It can be city a man lives in which, for example, Kyiv; it, probably, and our «Kyiv-Mohyla collegiums’» in which incorporated in a creative process and teachers and students. It is with a complete confidence possible to talk about existence at all, who realizes the involvement to life of gymnasium, patriotic spirit of «Collective Fraternity» or «Mohyla Spirit».


The SOUL is the phenomenon of Nature.

A SPIRIT is the psychological state of the Soul, is the realized and intelligent reaction on the phenomena of the surrounding world, societies. It is possible to talk that Spirit is this display of faith. Inspired or sure — it people believing. In the case when people believe in different religions, are people believers. An only reasonable faith in spiritual heritage gives the Public spirit. Vera in different dogmas — gives the spirit of fanaticism! A faith is individual although, — the phenomenon of her is public.

Spirituality of man — includes all states of his spirit, self-respect, moral principles and tolerance, which determine his acts, patriotic feelings, formed and culture.

Spirituality of people is an aggregate of his spiritual heritage as historical memory, language, and the state of spirituality of modern society.

Me it seemed to interesting to «collect» a logical chainless from the known utterances:

A language is a treasure-house of spirituality of people.

Language — one, — Ideas are different.

Ideas — much, is one Truth.

Alexander Kovalchuk